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Apostle Mary J. Trask grew up in Mississippi.  She was one of eight children.  As a child, before actually receiving salvation, God dealt with her in dreams and the devil would torment her as well.  She was always taught to reverence God and his power, but she had not yet had a personal relationship with Him.  Her parents taught her the principles of life and how to survive in this world. Little did she know, God had a calling on her life at a very young age and the devil was afraid that it would come to past. As she grew up, Apostle Trask eventually married her husband, the late Farow Trask.  She conceived seven children, three sons & four daughters.  God was still not a personal part of her life.  She didn’t know it, but He was yet drawing her closer to Him.  Her country upbringing prepared her for a life with no money, seven children, and a husband who didn’t appreciate her.  She struggled, but always made ends meet.  She sacrificed her life for her family before she even knew what real sacrifice was.  Before ever becoming a pastor, she was trained by God in her home with her family.  In 1974 her oldest son drowned in the Mississippi River.  This was one of the most devastating events in her life.  She didn’t understand, at first, why it happened, but God was with her every step of the way.  A couple of years prior to the death of her oldest son, she

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Pastor Cornelius Trask was born Cornelius Spencer.  She was one of thirteen children.  She was determined to finish school even though she had to walk miles and she did.  She was a hard worker and began working at an early age, in the fields picking cotton and in a café.  She also had to take care of her mother at an early age.  She married her late husband, Willie Trask, in 1964.  She had 2 biological sons and 1 adopted son.  Early on in her marriage she learned that she had stomach cancer.  She went to doctors who gave her plenty medication for pain, but there was no cure.  Apostle Mary Trask, her sister-in-law, would bring her to revivals.  At that time she was a faithful Baptist, but she needed something more from God and she wanted to know how to serve Him in a more excellent manner.  She attended a holiness revival in 1973 and God saved her.  She heard the Word of God concerning the heart broken down and it gave her a deeper

The Powerful Woman of God Who Won’t Take Down!

had met God at a tent revival where she had finally given Him sole control of her life.  From that day on she knew that she would never be the same, but she didn’t know exactly what was in store for her.  Amazingly all of the dreams and childhood and adulthood experiences rolled back in her mind and God revealed his plan to her.  She finally understood some of the things, but she wasn’t yet in the place to accept it all.  After receiving salvation God continued preparing her for her ministry, to one day pastor and oversee his flock.  Her youngest son, a twin, was born an invalid after being left inside of her without oxygen for 24 hours.  She was told he wouldn’t live, but God had a different plan.  She took care of her son with skill, patience, and love.  Although she grew tired at times, she always trusted God and never gave up.  In 1977, at the age of 21, her youngest son welcomed angels into his room, who escorted him from this life to life eternal.  After talking to God about all that was happening to her, God told her that even though she had lost two sons, in His name, she would receive many sons.  From then on, it was obvious what God was doing for her ministry.  When God said, “Go,” she went. When God said, “Come,” she came.  Whatever God said to do, she did.  The road has been long and hard, but ordered by God.  Her ministry has flourished and she is now known all over the world as “The Powerful Woman of God, Who Won’t Take Down!” God has blessed her life and her ministry.  Apostle has preached all over this country and she has even preached in Africa.  He has put his power and anointing inside of her.  As she speaks, prays, or sings, everyone can feel the power and presence of God.  She has touched the lives of many people.  Many have been blessed by her very presence and persona.  Now, she is the mother of many sons (and daughters).  Her life definitely belongs to God.

meaning of what God’s love really was.  She began to trust God more.  She was tired of the pills and the pain and she took all the medication and flushed it down the toilet as an act of faith.  She told God that she wouldn’t live except He healed her body and God did just that.  He healed her of stomach cancer and she no longer suffered with the pain or bondage of that infirmity.  After receiving salvation, she went through heavily in her marriage.  It was hell on earth.  Her husband was an adulterer and he was also abusive.  He did not want her to live holy and he wanted her to stop talking about Jesus.  No matter what she went through, she was determined to allow God to get the glory out of her life.  She obeyed counsel and followed the example of her apostle.  She believed God to deliver her and save her husband and because of her sacrifice, God did deliver her and her husband also received salvation.  Pastor Cornelius has been running for Jesus for a long time.  She has been a part of House of Deliverance since it began.  She was the Assistant Pastor until 2001. Then she was appointed Pastor of The House of Deliverance Church, Inc.  She believes in pure holiness and that you should never compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She gives God glory continually.  When she delivers the Word of God she always admonishes the people of God to live holy and surrender fully to God and He will do miraculous things in their lives.  She speaks and sings under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and she always encourages the praises of God.  Pastor Cornelius Trask truly loves God and His people!