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Pastor Will Willis, Jr., conference coordinator and originator, sought God and counsel for an opportunity to bring the men of God together so that they could encourage one another.† God made a way and The House of Deliverance Menís Conference began in 1999 during the 2nd week of June.† During the conference, there are daytime seminars for men only and there are evening services open to all.† The services are conducted by the men of God, but all are welcome to fellowship and experience the move of God.† If you attend to the Menís conference, as a man you should expect to be encouraged to fight a good fight of faith and become a stronger and better man of God, husband, and father; as a woman you should expect to receive encouragement as a woman of God and to support the men of God to be all that God has called them to be in the ministry.

Elder Jill Hadley and Elder Verna Johnson discussed the idea of this conference as a fellowship for pastors and ministers.† In 1998, the Lord allowed the first annual Fellowship Conference to convene in the month of December.† The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for the men and women of God to network with one another and build relationships with other ministries. The conference is intended to bring the saints into the next year with strength and unity.† There are daily seminars conducted by Pastor Frankie Watley of Fort Worth, TX.† There are also evening services.† Both the seminars and services are open to everyone.† Elder Verna Johnson, conference coordinator, has made the conference accessible to all.† If you need deliverance in any area of your life, if you want to go higher in God and move to another level, if you want more strength to hold on another year, no matter what it is, you can receive it at the fellowship conference.

We host 3 Conferences every year at HOD.† We encourage you to be a part of our Conferences.† They are truly blessed and ordained by God.† Your needs can be met and you can receive a blessing from God because there is a special outpouring of His spirit and anointing during each Conference.


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SHY, which stands for Saved Holy & Young, started out as a vision of Minister Angela L. Spencer-Green, conference originator and coordinator.† After much prayer, preparation, and counsel, the SHY Conference, began in 2004 during the 2nd week of August.† The purpose of the conference is to spiritually prepare and strengthen our young people to return to school and to encourage them within the ministry.† There are morning seminars for young people only where they can enjoy a number of fun-filled activities and workshops while learning and strengthening their knowledge of Godís Word and understanding His plan for their lives.† There are also evening services conducted by the youth which are open to everyone.† All who attend the conference can expect to be encouraged and strengthened in your faith and you can receive a mighty touch from God.† Young people can expect to be motivated in the ministry and the adults can expect to be moved by the power of God through the lives of His young people.† God is still saving young people and we donít have to compromise with them in order to keep them!† God is doing it by His Word alone!




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