In our attempt to meet the needs of the saints and others, we have implemented a number of activities and projects.† No matter what the need, we try our best to meet it Godís way!

Youth Ministry-Meets once a month to fellowship with the youth and motivate them in the ministry and as preparation for 3rd Sunday Services.

Menís Ministry-Meets once a month as a support and encouragement for the men of God and as preparation for 2nd Sunday Services.

Womenís Ministry-Meets once a month as a support and encouragement for the women of God and as preparation for 5th Sunday Services.

Homeless Ministry-We prepare meals to distribute it to the homeless in our community.

Witnessing Team-One weekend a month we visit selected neighborhoods and spread Godís Word.

Hospital/Sick & Shut-in Visitation-When members, family members, friends, or acquaintances need prayer and help we make ourselves available to meet the needs of the sick and afflicted.


Another way we spread the Gospel is through our Media Ministry.† Messages are recorded during the services and the cds are made available for a $3.00 donation per cd and DVDs are available of Sunday services for a donation of $5.00. Order forms can be obtained from the office.† Now you can enjoy the Spoken Word at any time, anywhere!

Our TELL THE TRUTH broadcast airs on WVOG 600 AM. You can listen to a 15 minute excerpt from Apostleís past messages every Saturday morning for 7:45 and again at 10:15 PM.

Single Members Seminar-Monthly meetings to teach and encourage single members to live chaste and holy lives without the companionship of a spouse.

Married Couples Seminar-Monthly meetings to teach couples how to pattern their marriages according to Godís design and group counseling to provide biblical tactics to combat the devices employed by the enemy to attack their union.






Activities & Projects

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