In our attempt to meet the needs of the saints and others, we have implemented a number of activities and projects.† No matter what the need, we try our best to meet it Godís way!

Youth Ministry-Meets once a month to fellowship with the youth and motivate them in the ministry and as preparation for 3rd Sunday Services.

Menís Ministry-Meets as a support and encouragement for the men of God and as preparation for 2nd Sunday Services.

Womenís Ministry-Meets† as a support and encouragement for the women of God and as preparation for 5th Sunday Services.

Witnessing Team-Two weekends a month we visit selected neighborhoods and spread Godís Word.

Homeless Outreach-Once each quarter on a 5th Saturday, we assembly bags to distribute to the cityís homeless population and we offer prayer to anyone who would accept it.

BCCY Ministry-We visit the Boyís Facility once a month on the 2nd Sunday to restore Hope and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Another way we spread the Gospel is through our Tape Ministry.† Messages are recorded during the services and the cds are made available for a $3.00 donation per cd.† Order forms can be obtained from the office.† Now you can enjoy the Spoken Word at any time, anywhere!

Previously recorded services can be viewed or heard online as well as Apostleís Achives.† Simply go to and to receive notifications of new uploads just follow us.


Our weekly broadcast airs every Saturday morning from 7:45 am to 8:00 am on WVOG 600AM. Tune in to hear past messages from our Apostle.





Activities & Projects

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